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Ausangate Trek with  Vinicunca 3 Days

Ausangate Trek with Vinicunca 3 Days

Vinicunca –The Rainbow Mountain

It was only a few years ago that this incredible rainbow mountain in Peru called Vinicunca became known to the whole world. Standing at a massive 5050 metres, this impressive mountain can be found at approximately 100 km from the city of Cusco and within the same Andean mountain range as the Sacred Ausangate mountain. This mountain range is spread between 2 communities called Pitumarca y Cusipata found within the Cusco region. Vinicunca possesses a spectacular panorama amongst its geographical matrices that decorate the horizon and it is impossible to put into words the natural beauty of this magical place. Come with us and discover this enchanting rainbow mountain itinerary, especially organised by Ausangate Trekking Peru.

The APU AUSANGATE: The Cordillera Vilcanota can be found in the mountain range 100 Km south of Cusco and form part of the Andean mountain range in Peru. This Sacred mountain or “Apu” as it is known locally, reaches 6,384 metres in elevation. The area is inhabited by farming communities, who’s livestock are the native llamas and alpacas, domesticated many years ago. These communities are one of the few remaining societies of high altitude farming that remain in the world.

The Ausangate circuit is one of the most famous mountain treks in the region of Cusco. The natural geography of the land and the warmth of its’ people, will make this hike a unique and unforgettable experience. The never-ending glaciers, the colourful lagoons and the picturesque valleys are home to an array of wildlife that includes chinchillas, vicuñas, Andean foxes and condors, as well as the famous rainbow mountain of Vinicunca.


Ausangate Trek with Vinicunca 3 Days 2 Nights

Briefing: A few days before your adventure on the rainbow mountain tour, our guide will meet up with you to give you all the necessary information you will need before your hike. This is to ensure that you have the best possible time, ever, on your Vinicunca hike and arrange your pick up time and place.

The Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain Trek 3D offers you an unforgettable experience in just three days! If you like to get off the normal tourist routes and are excited to explore some unique, rural parts of the Andes, this trek is for you. Book now as a couple, with a group of friends, or as a family. Let yourself be enveloped by this surreal landscape in the Andes of Peru in the company of the best adventure travel specialists in the city.

You’ll travel deserted roads and deep valleys on this route. You’ll enjoy the company of herds of alpacas and llamas while you gaze across crystalline lagoons at the foot of the imposing sacred mountain Ausangate. You’ll also challenge your physical resistance to reach the majestic Rainbow Mountain—a destination that so many travelers wish to visit.

You can picture it now: Hiking among glaciers and barren landscapes to suddenly see a mountain covered in many different colors appear in front of you! It’s not a dream; it’s a true natural wonder!

You’ll also be able to get up close and personal to small communities in these faraway regions of Cusco and see how they go about their daily lives and live off the land. So get ready for an amazing trip on a route not yet saturated by travelers.

Day 1: Cusco –Pacchanta – Upispampa

We will begin our incredible journey early in the morning when we collect you from your hotel at 6am. We will then head off to the Vilcanota valley, passing through different picturesque villages along the way, until we arrive at the village of Pacchanta, 3 hours later. We will settle into our hostel and have a hearty breakfast. We will then begin our hike descending gradually for 3 hours towards our campsite of Upispampa at an elevation of 4440 metres. Here we will be able to watch a beautiful sunset and dinner in the wonderful hot springs of Upis. After dinner you can rest or look at the spectacular starry sky from the hot springs.

Hiking Distance: 10 km
Starting altitude: 4000 m
Highest elevation: 4550 m
Hours walking: 6 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Campsite altitude: 4440 m
Night-time temperature: –10° C
Accommodation: Camping
Included meals: Breakfast– Lunch – Dinner


Today after our breakfast, we will start to hike, ascending up the Pucacocha pass at 4930m. From the summit, we can appreciate the whitest side of the Apu Ausangate mountain in all it’s splendor. The mountain range of snow-caps and endless glaciers with different coloured lagoons, ranging from turquoise to deep blue. From this natural, panoramic lookout point, we will start our descent to the campsite of Hanantapata at 4750m. Along the way, you will be able to appreciate the incredible panoramic views. From one side, we can gaze at the Cordillera and its ice caps and perpetual glaciers and from the opposite side, in the direction of Vinicunca, we can see the red and ochre tones of the mountains. In the evening we will arrive at our campsite for the evening whihc is the perfect vantage point to contemplate the milky way and galaxies above us. Our fully equipped tents are perfect for camping at this elevation.

Hiking distance: 16 km.
Starting elevation: 4440m.
Highest elevation: 4950m.
Hours hiking: 8 hours.
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult.
Campsite altitude: 4750m.
Night time temperature: – 12° C.
Accommodation: Camping
Included meals: Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner.


Our final day we will start off super early at 4:30am, so that we are the first to arrive at The Vinicunca Rainbow mountain at a massive 5050 metres elevation. We will ascend the pass at Warmisaya pass at 5020 metres elevation. From here we can catch our first glimpse of Vinicunca. You can enjoy this work of art produced by Mother nature and take the incredible photos which will accompany your memories of this incredible place. We continue hiking for 2 hours more until we arrive at the Rainbow mountain. We will have plenty of time to enjoy the area and take some photos before we descend to the car park of Chillihuani, where our lunch will be waiting. We will then take our car back to the City of Cusco, arriving at 4 pm approx. This marks the end of your

Hiking time:5 hours Aprox.
Distance: 12 km
Dificulty: Moderate
Maximum altitude: 5050m
Minimum Altitude: 4700m
Included meals: Breakfast– Lunch.



Ausangate Trek with Vinicunca 3 Days Included:

  • Tourist Transportation.
  • Route guide.
  • All food during the expedition.
  • First aid kit and oxygen balloon.
  • Camping tents and mattresses.
  • Dining tent, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Pack horses for the transportation of all the logistics.
  • Entrance fees to Ausangate Park.
  • Emergency horse.
  • Cook on route and muleteers.

Ausangate Trek with Vinicunca 3 Days Not Included:

  • Entrance fees to the thermal baths (optional)
  • Extra drinks.
  • Tips for the guide and staff.

Before You Go


  • Sleeping bag for -15° C
  • Warm clothes for the nights
  • Small backpack containing.
  • Rain poncho
  • Bathing suit, towels
  • Plastic bag to store wet clothes
  • Snacks
  • Extra money in Soles in small denominations.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Water bottles
  • Sun block
  • Personal medications and snacks.
  • Sandals
  • Sunglasses





Enquire Now


    When is the best time to do the Ausangate Trek?

    Like most trek in the Cusco region, the best time to do the Ausangate trek, and all Peru hiking tours, is from May and October. This is the dry season in the Andes, making for sunnier weather and clearer days to take in the beautiful scenery. The driest months of the year is between June and August. The dry season is also the high season for the area, so Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail tend to be more densely populated. Fortunately, the remote Ausangate Trek is a unique choice, making it clear of crowds year round – even during peak season.

    Along the Ausangate trek, temperatures range from 10-20ºC during the day if it’s sunny, to 05-10ºC during the day if not sunny. Given the high altitude of the campsites, temperatures drop significantly in the evening and especially at night, where they may get down to -10ºC or even lower in the dry season. Warm clothes are therefore especially requested for this hike.

    The rainy season in the Andes is between November and April, with the rainiest months being January-March. During this time, especially in February, rain can be torrential, which may cause closures on the trail. It is best to stick to the dry season or the shoulder season (mixed weather) of April and October.


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